Michael Cartwright
Virginia Commonwealth University

Michael Cartwright is a sophomore mechanical/nuclear engineering undergraduate at VCU. He conducts his research in the nuclear security and nonproliferation laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Braden Goddard. Michael is heavily involved in three different research projects. The first project involves the assay of uranium and radium in water filter samples to determine their radioactive waste classification. The project requires Michael to carefully prepare the samples and assay them using LabSOCS HPGe measurement techniques. The second project focuses on evaluating a new assay technique for uranium, in liquid form, using silica gel filters. He is quantifying the potential time dependent change in U-235 and U-238 activity of silica gel filters of various pore size. Michael is leading his third project which involves the development, optimization, and characterization of a novel portable hybrid gamma-neutron detector. He has created MCNP models of the detector system and is further verifying and validating the experiment.

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